Eye Excercises To Improve Your Vision – Should You Consider Starting One?

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Just as would be the case with any other muscle in our bodies, our eyes require regular exercises to maintain a certain level of functionality and good health. Failure to do so may result in the need for glasses and contact lenses.

Eye exercises to improve your vision


This exercise is done to alleviate stress around the eyes. It’s a great method of relaxing your eyes while taking a break from the computer or T.V.

Take a couple of deep breathes before you start.

Get comfortable while leaning forward with your elbows on a desk or your knees. Then close your eyes.

Place both hands over your eyes in such a manner that your fingers rest on your forehead, the heel of your palm rests on your cheek bones and the cup of your palm is over your eyes. Ensure there is enough room for you to blink freely.

That’s it. Palming is an opportunity to rest your eyes and mind for a few minutes.

Near and far focusing

This is a great exercise that can be done almost anywhere.

Get comfortable seating or standing up, it will take less than 5 minutes at a time.

Place any finger approximately ten inches in front of your face and focus on it.

Then focus on something that is about 20 – 30 inches in front of you.

Take slow, deep breathes and on each one switch your focus between your thumb and the other object.

This exercise boosts muscle strength over time while enhancing your overall vision.


This is an easy exercise that shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes of your time.

Get seated in a comfortable spot.

With your thumb in the hitchhike position, stretch your arm out and focus on the thumb.

While still maintaining your focus on your thumb, draw your thumb closer to your face until it is about 3 inches from your face.

Then move your thumb away from your face while focusing on it. Repeat this process a few times over the course of the day.

This exercise will strengthen your focusing capacity and boost eye muscle.

 Figure 8

This exercise has the main benefit of enhancing the flexibility of your eyes while working the muscles to strengthen them.

Imagine a giant number eight a few feet in front of you.

Turn the eight on its side and slowly trace the figure of the number eight with your eyes.

Do this for a few minutes in one direction then switch to the other direction.


This is a simple eye exercise that is often overlooked.

For 2 minutes, blink your eyes every 3-4 seconds.

After this time has elapsed, take a mental note of how your eyes feel, are they relaxed, strained, tired.

Then, try not to blink for 30 seconds at a time for the same amount of time. Do you notice any difference?

Blinking puts your eyes in a short period of darkness. This refreshes them and discharges previous information so that they are ready for new information. This exercise reduces eye strain.

Importance of eye exercises

Studies show that the use of glasses and contact lenses leads to gradual deterioration of eye sight over the course of time. The thing is if you start wearing glasses or contact lenses they only serve as a temporary solution. Rather than get stronger, your sight will get weaker since they will adapt to the new lens and with time, you will need stronger lenses so that your eyes can function properly. If you talk to people who use them, they will tell you that their eyesight has slowly gotten worse over the years. The truth is, a majority of people wouldn’t require an optician if they engaged in regular eye exercise daily.